The best piano lessons for your children.

Do you want your children to learn piano with ease and pleasure, in a funny and in the same time cordial environment?

Who knows, may be your little playful son or pretty sweet girl will become the new Beethoven or List?...

Let them discover the beauty of music with a professional teacher with a classical approach and modern methods and more than 20 years experience in Europe and USA.

Why piano lessons with Marianna Miltcheva are an incredible oportunity for your children?

Marianna Miltcheva has a rich and valuable experience in teaching piano to kids and adults.

With her clever musical skills she has taken part in developing many new talents. For long years she has given them a possibility to master the magic of piano through her intuitively positive and creative attitude, using the best of teaching systems like Orf, Bastien, Thompson and Alfred's for Beginners.