Inspiration, Mastery, Devotion

Marianna Miltcheva was born 45 years ago in Kosice, Slovakia. She began her music education at age 4 in Plovdiv, Bulgaria and at age 5 was awarded first place in a national competition. After completing twenty-one years of music education, she began sharing her talents with others as a piano teacher, teaching preschool children since 1981.

Before coming to America, Marianna was a music theory professor and conductor of academy choral at the renowned University of Plovdiv, Bulgaria.

Most recently she is a piano teacher at three private schools in the Chicagoland Area. There she uses Alfred's, Thompson's, and other popular American systems. She also gives private piano lessons, which include the best of all music theory, both American and International, to children and adults in her home in Arlington Heights, Illinois.

Over 20 years of teaching experience has enabled her to provide a positive atmosphere for learning, progress and fun for students, and to recognize the students' individual potentials and goals.